Our Guarantees

Our Guarantees

Privacy of Information

All written content remains confidential. Please know that your partnership and privacy is sacred to me therefore none of your personal details can get into the hands of a third party.


100% Original Content

Yes, it involves extensive research but I assure you I only submit authentic and original copyscape standard work to your project need and success.

Thoroughly proofread and edit all written contents to perfection, error and plagiarism free before submission to your designated e-mail account or location.


Dead Serious with deadlines

I do not joke with your project deadlines and always deliver to the agreed deadline and maintain a quick but efficient turn around time.

Unlimited Adjustments

Please note that your work gets all the needed attention till it attains the perfection you seek. So as many adjustments as you require or think is necessary you can trust me to keep giving you only the best, that’s a guarantee.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Once you place a contract through, it’s handled with the strictest confidence. At Explicit Writing Service there is no rest till it’s 100% satisfaction attained to your content writing and business success.


24/7 Customer Support

Please take advantage of all available channels to contact me. All channels remain open 24/7 for prompt responses to your inquiries or complaints within 24 hours.

Affordable Pricing

At Explicit Writing I am well poised to meet your content writing needs hence, you industry standard rates at an affordable price.


Enjoy exclusive discounts for bulk orders, upfront payments 100% and long term contracts with financial commitments.